We’re super stoked to have a very limited range from Horsebox Brewing Co and Concept Brewing Co on tap while they last. The Beergasm brews were specially made for this years Beervana and are not available anywhere else. We’ve got all there is. 7 brews in total and 5 very special drops. See ya soon 🍻

5.5% ABV
With persimmon fruit added to primary Percy is fruity, he doesnt like aerobics though, this is tasty as a tasty as.

HORSE-BONNET – Chilli Infused Pilsner
4.5% ABV

The scotch-bonnet chilli is the second hottest chilli in the world, it does however have some of the fruitiest aromas and flavours too. With proper prep of the chilli and contact time we capture their awesome flavours while minimising the heat. With a champagne sizzle this delicate chilli Pils is definitely worth a try.


7.8% ABV
Concept & Horsebox’s co-lab series, An Orange Baltic Porter ‘ORANGE CAKE

This brew was a happy accident we came across while creating our Layer Cake brew (also pouring at Beervana). With all the beautiful roasted tones of a Baltic Porter however we managed to create a Bright Orange colour with this brew. It has some ruby red grapefruit juiced into it offering a lovely citrus layer to this decadent brew also.

New Zealand has seen white stouts & black ipa’s now the time has come for the ORANGE PORTER !


5.5% ABV
Fresh pine needles foraged from the Canterbury hills where added to the boil late to give this a Saison a unique twist. Bloody good !


8.3% ABV
It’s baaaaaack !! We tucked away and aged a few kegs of this velvety silky multi-layered Baltic despite the scream from bars for it. Ruby red grapefruit, organic cocoa nibs & a lot of love went into this amazingly smooth porter that while hitting at 8.3% doesn’t come across as such on your palate.


5.7% ABV
Gypsy brewed at Concept Brewing Phil added more Columbus additions in the whirlpool to add a unique ‘dankyness’ to his ever popular APA.

5.7% ABV
Aromatics on this brew and it just makes it all the more sweeter as a result. yussssss !

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