Coming Soon – Fillosophy Micro Brewery

We’ve been open now for 4 months and everything is going great! So well we are now working on stage two and that’s where you all come into it.

Stage Two is a small 50L micro brewery onsite at our Ferry rd store. This brewery is being set up to bring great home brews to the public. So what I’m after is your thoughts and or ideas on what we want to do. We see it working like this…

1. Home brewers submit their recipe for their favourite brew. These are confidential and always remain your property. We will never brew your recipe without you or your permission.
2. If chosen we will supply all ingredients and a professional brewer to work with you to brew your recipe.
3. You get to name the brew, you get credit as the brewer.
4. When ready we put it on our taps and see what the people think.
5. You get to take home some of your brew when ready.
6. If your brew is well received we may produce it in larger quantities and distribute to a larger area. If this happens you will be compensated as creator and brewer. ( how exactly this bit works is still being looked into as there are legal requirements we need to ensure we meet to make this bit work)


Please head to our facebook page share this with anyone you think may be interested.

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