Two of a Kind: A HorseBox / Concept Collab

Fillosophy are proud to be the new home to two of the only kegs of their kind of two new collaborative efforts from Christchurch brewers, HorseBox Brewing and Concept Brewing. These high percentage brews are in extremely limited supply and are only available in Christchurch from Fillosophy!

Layer Cake – Baltic Porter 8.3% ABV
“Very quaffable!”

Layer Cake is layered with subtle multiple flavours, you get all the smooth complex malt sweetness and roasted tones of a Baltic porter with a twist. This Chocolate Baltic has Organic Cocoa nibs added during fermentation giving it an additional velvety sweet layer. 
The Ruby red grapefruit coupled with the distinctive Mandarina Bavaria hops offers the unique icing on this cake and lends itself to a beautiful orange colour profile not normally found in a Porter. Layer Cake Baltic Porter

We’ve all seen white stouts, now it’s time to experience an ‘Orange’ Baltic Porter

Resinous Hoppy Filth – Double IPA
9.8% ABV
“We are pretty excited about ‘The Filth’.”

This is a 9.8% Double IPA, we recommend a small glass
To make the most of this brew its best to get your first sip and wrap it round your molars before swallowing
Initially the strong bitterness will awaken every taste bud you have and coat your palate in a bit of a resinous explosion.
Once established as you continue the taste, the hop flavours begin to shine quite potently in different ways offering new levels of flavour with each sip. The experience is one of an evolving journey from beginning to end. It truly is Resinous, it truly is Hoppy & a little bit of awesome all-encompassing filth!
You’re welcome. Resinous Hoppy Filth DIPA

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